A well-installed roof is vital to keeping your home safe and comfortable – this is why a roof replacement should include more than a new layer of asphalt shingles. Every detail of your new roof installation can make a difference in how your roof holds up over time.

Our certified have a strong understanding of roof structures, modern roofing techniques, and how weather events will impact roofs.

Too many roofing companies cut corners and only focus on visible aspects. The team at Neighborhood Roofing instead examines the entire system to enhance your home’s protection, curb appeal, and value.



  • Reinforced roof decking for greater structural integrity.
  • Durable Synthetic underlayment and fully adhered membrane provide barriers against leaks, wind, and ice dams.
  • High-performance asphalt shingles designed to resist winds up to 130 mph, prevent blow-off, and wind lift.
  • A wide range of shingle colors to complement every home style.
  • Roofing accessories that provide added protection to vulnerable edges, corners, and seams, such as along the chimney and eaves. These include hip and ridge cap shingles and flashing.

Not sure if your roof needs to be replaced? Our certified techs can inspect your roof, assess its condition, identify damage caused by wind, storms, or aging – then they can recommend repair or replacement services.


While roof repairs are useful for minor damage, roof replacement is the most cost-effective choice when the roof is old or has suffered excessive or continual damage. Examples of when a homeowner can benefit from a roof replacement include:

While the lifespan of different roofs fluctuates by type, all will eventually fail at some point. Common roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, will last about 20 years. When your roof reaches this age, it is best to have it evaluated and consider replacement before serious damage occurs.

While minor roof damage can be repaired, replacement is often the best option when damages are severe. Our certified techs can determine whether your roof would benefit from being replaced.

A roof that has been damaged multiple times is more vulnerable and is likely to incur recurrent damages. Continuous roof repairs that serve as short-term patches will become more expensive as time goes on. If the roof is both nearing the end of its life and has been damaged and repaired several times, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.

Extreme weather and hail storms are notorious for causing extensive roof damage. In these cases, it often makes sense to evaluate if a new roof is the best option.

A homeowner may choose a new roof replacement to improve their home’s exterior. Whether you’ve bought a home or are beginning a renovation and want an upgraded roof to add value, a beautiful new roof can go a long way in boosting your home’s curb appeal. 



Neighborhood Roofing uses a holistic approach to integrated roofing designed to provide better protection for homeowners. An effective roof is an integrated system composed of multiple layers and components. Each plays its role in preventing leaks, ensuring proper attic ventilation, providing protection against extreme temperature fluctuations, wind-resistance, rain protection, and hail-resistance


  • From decades of experience in providing local roofing services, we know what homeowners are looking for in a roof and what they want when a crew comes to their house to replace or repair a damaged roof:
  • High-Performance roofing products: Neighbor Roofing installs wind-resistant and water-resistant architectural asphalt shingles that are designed to complement a variety of house styles, climates, and weather patterns. From the decking to the flashing around the chimney, Neighborhood Roofing offers a suite of roofing products that deliver protection from the elements.
  • Expert roof solutions: We don’t build on top of a compromised base. We find and repair any leaks, rotting, and other damages. The small details in a roof repair or replacement can make the difference between a dry, stable roof and a leaky, vulnerable one.
  • Reliable roofing: Communication is built into our roofing services. An on-site project manager stays on top of the installation from start to finish.
  • Insured roofing crew: Our roofers are OSHA compliant and fully insured.
  • Property protection: We protect siding, landscaping, windows, and other aspects of your property from damage when removing your old roof.
  • Quality materials: A long-lasting roof is more than just shingles. The underlayment, eaves, flashing, ridge caps, roof boots, accessories, sealants, and materials all make the difference in a new roof installation.
  • Leak prevention: We ensure maximum protection against wind, snow, hail, rain, and other elements when installing skylights, ridge vents, chimney flashing, and eaves.
  • Site clean-up: Neighborhood Roofing techs aren’t done until all debris and stray nails are cleaned. 
  • 50-year warranty: We stand by our work with a 50 year warranty on new roof replacements.

Family owned business that offers affordable prices and great customer satisfaction. Neighborhood Roofing has been built on truth, which the owner Mack L. Anderson attributes to his continual success. The man with a vision of helping families, businesses and community through his knowledge and skill in the roofing industry. We sincerely hope to establish business relations with our customers, provide quality service, with entrepreneurship, integrity, “realistic, development, innovation” is our company’s business purposes.

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