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Looking for a trusted, professional roofing contractor in North Bergen? Maybe you require a free, no-obligation quote on a job that needs attention? Or perhaps you’d like some work completed and require scaffolding?

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Neighborhood Roofing provides expert roofing services to commercial and domestic clients across North Bergen.

We offer services such as flat roof repair and maintenance, and roof installations for residential and commercial customers. We are an experienced team of roofers who can help you select the right type of roof for your home, or evaluate your existing roof to suggest the proper repairs.

Even the best roofing material available can fail if it’s not properly installed. That’s why it’s important to hire a roofing contractor with the resources to complete a first-class installation. These resources include a courteous, well-trained crew; proper equipment and tools to do the job; and experience with the roofing material you wish to install.

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Roofing Works We Cover

  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Flat Roofing
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Flat roof cleaning
  • Pitched roofs
  • Asphalt roofing
  • Felting
  • Roofing Repairs & Restorations
  • Re-roofs & New Roofs
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    UPVC Cladding, fascias & soffits

  • Replacement rooflights
  • Roofing Insulation work
  • Roofing Lead work
  • Chimney Pointing
  • Chimney repairs
  • Roof window repairs & installs
  • Roofing Carpentry
  • Chimney refurbishments
  • Long-term roof maintenance
  • Slate & tiled roofs
  • Asphalting
  • Roof lights
  • Roof flashing
  • Fascias & cladding
  • Roofing inspections & reports

Backed by years of expertise in roof installation & repair, we aspire to deliver unmatched value to our clients in the form of aesthetically appealing & functionally durable roofs. Our competitive roof repair services are second to none and this is the reason why we have become the most sought-after roofing service provider in the region.

Whether it is a commercial establishment or a residential one, our skilled technicians know what it takes to add beauty and sturdiness to your space in a sustainable manner. Besides using supreme quality roofing materials, we strive to put everything to meet our client’s expectations. We are prompt, responsible, skilled and most importantly customer-friendly. From doing the preliminary analysis to actual execution, our focus remains on customer satisfaction.

All our roofing services come with full quality assurance that they won’t let you down at any given time. Our roofing experts in North Bergen always remain on their toes and exhibit high levels of workmanship in every job they do. For those who want a reputed, reliable roofing service provider in Clifton… Neighborhood Roofing is certainly the most sought-after choice.

Neighborhood Roofing is a fully qualified tradesman and has built up a popular roofing company in North Bergen by giving customers flawless high quality installations at very competitive rates.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of our customers by delivering impeccable service in the most convenient manner and within budget. All our roofing experts are industry certified and follow the best work practices across all projects.

Our Guarantee

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Roofing Contractor in North Bergen

We all know that everybody wants piece of mind when having roofing work done. That’s why we offer guarantees on all the work we carry out. All the materials carry a manufacturer’s warranty & all workmanship holds a guarantee by us. Guarantees will vary on the scope of work and materials used. For example, a small repair can hold up to 5 years whilst a new roof can hold up to a 20 years guarantee.

Our Promise

Our company believes in going the extra mile for our customers. We don’t subcontract any of our work to agencies, and we believe that this guarantees our workmanship to the highest level. We take pride in every job & even offer a complete aftercare service. If your looking for a genuine, reliable roofing company then we are here to help.

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Cities We Service In North Bergen, NJ

Belleview / Glendale, River Oaks, McLean Hamlet / Odricks Corner, Chesterbrook Estates / Chesterbrook Woods, Kent Gardens, Langley Fork Park, Salona Village / Langley, Mill Run Acres, West McLean / Elmwood Estates, Chesterbrook Gardens

North Bergen, NJ Zip Codes That We Service

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